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Equus Ferus supports POSITIVE LIVING through ‘in-the-moment’ learning experiences, applying horse and human partnerships as a platform for change.

We, along with our therapy horses, will provide you with the tools to discover your own inner sense of calm when facing the challenges that life might present. We do this in an engaging, fun and innovative way, helping you to develop:

  • SELF-AWARENESS – ¬†because horses are highly sensitive and responsive to your feelings and body language
  • EMOTIONAL FITNESS – ¬†because horses give you clear and instant feedback to changes in your emotional states
  • COMMUNICATION AND RELATIONSHIP SKILLS – by responding to you, in the moment and without any agenda or judgement
  • LEADERSHIP SKILLS – by helping you establish healthy boundaries

Our work is suitable for all age groups, does not involve riding and does not require previous experience with horses.

We provide therapeutic sessions and workshops, with horses at the heart of what we do. Session and workshops are tailored to individual and group needs and are suitable for anyone interested in their own well being and personal development as well as clients or loved ones experiencing mental health issues or social disadvantage.

Our aim is to help ¬†improve quality of life and emotional fitness by offering an alternative or complementary approach through ‘experiential’ learning. This can be especially effective with those individuals experiencing some of the greatest challenges, as it helps to create new ways of thinking and behaving that, in turn, provide the building blocks for lasting change.

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Horse and Human partnerships as a platform for change