Equus Ferus is a Community Interest Company. This means we rely on the generosity of donors and sponsors to support our work. If you are able and wish to do so, you can use the form below to make a donation. Any and all donations are appreciated, not just by us but by our horses too!

You can donate towards the upkeep of the horses, or towards our “pay it forward” plan.

Upkeep of Horses

The majority of them being rescues, many of our horses come to us with pre-existing medical conditions that we do our best to help. Donating toward the upkeep of our horses will help pay for:
  • Feed – £10 will buy 2 bales of hay
  • Farriers – £20 will buy a hoof trim for one of our horses
  • Grooming supplies
  • Stable and land maintenance
  • Veterinary fees
  • General well-being

The healthier our horses are, the more prepared they are to help out humans!

"Pay it forward" Plan

Donating toward the “pay it forward” plan will allow those who would benefit from our Equine Facilitated Human Development but are unable to pay for it themselves to access our services at a reduced rate, or if possible for no cost at all.

Donating, Handled by KindLink

KindLink is a payments handler that offers a service dedicated to charitable enterprise. KindLink charges no fee for processing charitable donations, so you know all you donate goes towards your chosen cause. It also allows us to easily claim Gift Aid on any eligible donations, so your donation helps even more! If you wish to make a donation, please start by clicking button below:

Donating, Handled by PayPal

We also accept donations through PayPal if you would rather use its service to make your donation. PayPal does charge a small amount to us for using it, which part of your donation will pay for.