A Boost to Confidence

31st August 2016

I entered the therapy sessions with an open mind and absolutely no expectations. I have never been one of those confident people and didn’t really think the world about myself.

Meeting Jackie (and Alex) and the horses has opened up a new space in life for me, where I have learnt about non-judgemental approaches and how important it is to be authentic if you want to have a relationship with a horse (or a human) and to address my own feelings (whatever they were at the time) without shame or feelings of embarrassment. I used to feel anxious at times (with a shaky feeling in my chest). I don’t remember last time I felt that ‘shakiness’.

I have had the confidence to sign up to study homeopathy (which I have been interested for many years) and I don’t cry as much as I used to (so I’ve been told!).

I consider myself very fortunate and am very grateful to be able to be around people like Jackie and Alex and of course, the most amazing creatures that horses are.