We’ve had the great pleasure of working with some truly extraordinary people over the years.
Below are a few short quotes from those we’ve worked with:
'...the benefits from the therapy does not end when he leaves his equine friends in the fields, but continues to penetrate into every day life. Our beautiful son has regained his confidence and self belief.'
'Jackie and Alex expanded my sense of who I am in relation to both humans and horses'
'I've learnt about non-judgemental approaches and how important it is to be authentic if you want to have a healthy relationship...and how to address my own feelings without shame or embarrassment' 

And here are some links to more long-form responses we’ve received:

Trish, Tess & Nigel
Louise & Lee
Nigel Dickinson
A Boost to Confidence
Veterans' Wellbeing

Lastly, we would like to share a poem written by a friend of ours, who said:
I wrote this with pride thanks to you ❤️

One day you finally knew,
That you really are
Worthy of love

One day you finally realised,
That you should
Forgive yourself

One day you finally understood,
That you can
Move on without guilt

One day you finally accepted,
That it wasn’t
Your fault