Our beautiful son has regained his confidence and self belief…

7th of August 2016

As a parent of a child with complex additional needs, I thought that I had become resilient, adjusted to the ups and downs life can bring. Nothing had prepared me for the heartache of seeing my son Lee (not his real name), struggle with his emotional health. Lee had become a shadow of himself, consumed with anxiety, morbid thoughts and his already low self-esteem was plummeting. We decided to give Equus Ferus a go and I am so glad we did!

Jackie and Alex were fantastic! So positive, nurturing and professional. they spent time to get to know Lee, tailoring the sessions to his individual identified needs to maximise benefits and enjoyment. Lee had no previous experience with horses, but within a short time, with the close guidance of the experienced facilitators at Equus Ferus, looked the picture of confidence and contentment next to Seren, a beautiful Welsh Cob.

What particularly surprised me was that the benefits from the therapy does not end when he leaves his equine friends in the fields, but continues to penetrate into every day life. Our beautiful son has regained his confidence and self belief. He has a wonderful self awareness, a greater ability to regulate his emotions and manage periods of heightened anxiety. Equus Ferus has played a very important part in helping my son get back on track, on his journey to a happy bright future. Thank you Jackie and Alex!

Louise, Carmarthenshire, Wales

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