Volunteer Training 2021

Above is the leaflet for our Embracing Change Transforming Comunities project, an initiative to help train new and existing Equus Ferus volunteers.

Equus Ferus volunteers will be supported to co-create and deliver some of the core skills training for Equus Ferus. They will build upon their own lived personal and professional experiences and training to enable them to initially deliver their individual programs to each other within the context of working in a nature-based wellbeing and personal development project.

The outcome of this stage of the project is to enable volunteers to consolidate, upskill and build confidence in their abilities. This pathway will give the opportunities for learning skills that will prepare our volunteers for further work within Equus Ferus and in their local and wider community. 

We have been successful in securing funding for two Veterans-based projects over the summer – Dare to Live Cymru and Equine Activities. Volunteers will have opportunities to further develop their skills in some of these up-and-coming programs.

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